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Funding Opportunities

In order to assure the future of rare disease research, training the next generation of early-stage investigators is key. Our consortium offers the following fellowship and grant funding opportunities.

VCRC-VF Fellowship Program

Opportunity Type: Education and Career Development

Goal: For the Fellow to be involved in the care of enough patients with various forms of vasculitis to develop experience and expertise in the diagnosis and management of patients and to familiarize trainees with the major unmet research needs in vasculitis, the investigative techniques used in clinical and translational research in vasculitis, and understand how to conduct high-quality clinical research in vasculitis.

Sponsor: Various institutions

Eligibility Criteria: The candidate must be an MD (or equivalent) committed to a career in caring for patients with vasculitis, have a strong interest in conducting clinical investigation in vasculitis, have finished a residency and (preferably) have some sub-specialty training relevant to vasculitis (e.g., rheumatology, nephrology, or other disciplines), have a training license or full license to practice in the state/province where the Fellowship will take place from the START of the Fellowship period, be a citizen of the host country or have a valid visa that is acceptable to the host site from the START of the Fellowship/funding period. If specializing, VCRC Fellowship training will take place after the applicant has completed their subspecialty training.

Application Due Date: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Term: One - Two Years